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Investor RelatIons

DP Eurasia is the exclusive master franchisee of the Domino’s Pizza brand in Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Domino’s Pizza is one of the most successful fast food brands and an international leader of home delivery with global retail sales of over USD 17.8 billion in 2021 and more than 18,800 stores in 90 markets. DP Eurasia is the fifth largest master franchisee of the Domino’s Pizza brand owned by Domino’s Pizza Inc.

DP Eurasia together with its subsidiaries (the “Group”) offer pizza delivery and takeaway/ eat-in facilities at its 809 stores (as at 31 December 2021) across four countries (607 in Turkey, 188 in Russia, 10 in Azerbaijan and four in Georgia).

Founded in 1996 by our Chief Executive Officer, Aslan Saranga, the Group first became the master franchisee of the Domino’s Pizza system in Turkey, expanding rapidly, resulting in its 100th store opening in Istanbul in 2008. In 2012, the Group was awarded the exclusive master franchise of the Domino’s System for Russia, and in 2015, the Group opened its first franchised stores in Azerbaijan and Georgia. The Group today is the largest pizza delivery company in Turkey and the third largest in Russia, in terms of number of stores.

The Group operates through its corporate stores and franchised stores, which together are referred to as its system stores. As of 31 December 2021, 24% of the Group’s system stores were corporate stores, principally located in densely populated cities, and 76% were franchised stores. The corporate stores serve as a platform to develop best practices that the Group subsequently deploys in its franchised stores. As at 31 December 2021, the Group operated 607 system stores in Turkey (of which 507 were franchised), 188 in Russia (of which 94 were franchised), and franchised stores only in Azerbaijan and Georgia. The Group intends to continue to rapidly expand its store network in the future.

The Group has adapted the Domino’s Pizza globally proven business model to its local markets. The Group has a centralised supply and procurement function, owning and operating seven commissaries which manufacture pizza dough and supply system stores. The Group offers consumers high quality, freshly made pizzas, which it tailors to local tastes, at attractive prices, delivered within 30 minutes of ordering.

It also offers and extends products that can be chosen instead of pizza, such as oven-baked sandwiches, wraps with size option, wide chicken offers and a variety of pasta options. There are complementary products such as desserts and other side dishes, some of which have been developed by the Group’s innovation centre in Istanbul and subsequently adopted by other master franchisees of Domino’s Pizza around the world.

The Group maintains a focused menu in all the countries in which it operates, presenting a value-based, attractive and high-quality offering to customers, while simplifying and expediting the order-taking and food preparation processes. The Group believes that its focused menu creates a strong identity for its products among consumers, as well as improving operating efficiency and maintaining food quality and consistency.

The following events illustrate significant milestones in the Group’s history:

In 1996

Mr. Aslan Saranga became the initial chief executive officer of the exclusive master franchisee of the Domino’s System in Turkey (which operated through a predecessor company of a member of the Group until 2010) opening the Group’s first corporate store in Istanbul in 1996.

In 2000

The Group opened its first franchised store in Turkey.

Between 2000 and 2008

The Group expanded its store network in Turkey, resulting in its 100th store opening in Istanbul in 2008.

In 2008

The Group was awarded its first Domino’s Pizza Gold Franny Award (the annual award that Domino’s Pizza presents to its master franchisees for operational excellence, growth rate and increase in revenue) which it has continued to receive in every successive year .

In 2009

The Group began its national television advertising campaigns in Turkey.

In 2010

TPEF II and the Chief Executive Officer purchased the Group beginning a period of growth and consolidation of market share.

In 2011

The Group launched online ordering facilities for customers in Turkey.

Targeting a product offering tailored to local tastes, the Group launched its Bol Malzemos pizza (a play on the words “plenty of toppings” in Turkish), which, in 2016, had a larger brand recognition amongst Turkish consumers than Burger King’s Whopper and McDonald’s Big Mac (source: Ipsos).

In 2012

The Group was awarded the exclusive master franchise of the Domino’s System for Russia.

In 2013

The Group acquired 13 stores in Russia from the previous incumbent master franchisee and was also granted the exclusive master franchise of the Domino’s System for Azerbaijan and Georgia.

In 2014

The Group aired its first national television advertisement in Russia.

In 2015

The Group opened its 500th store, located in Moscow, and opened its first franchised stores in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The Group rolled-out its own store format (Kaizen, meaning continuous improvement in Japanese), aiming to make the store experience more attractive to walk-in customers.

The Group appointed its first chief executive officer for its Russian Operations and launched online ordering facilities for customers in Russia.

In 2016

The Group launched its first franchised store in Russia in 2016 and was awarded its first Golden Franny in respect of its Russian Operations in the same year.

In 2017

The Company’s shares were admitted to the premium listing segment of the London Stock Exchange’s main market.

The Group opened its 100th store in Russia, 500th store in Turkey and surpassed the 600th store mark system wide.

In 2018

Launched GPS tracker ad campaign nationwide in Turkey, servicing the Turkish stores

In 2019

Enhanced website and apps launch

Dürümos wrap launch

In 2020

First TV campaign with celebrity

Contactless delivery & takeaway launches in Turkey and Russia following the first Covid-19 cases

“New and improved” pizza launch

Domino’s wallet launch

In 20201

QR dine-in menu integration to restaurants

First TV campaign with aggregator

600th store opening in Turkey / 800th store in DPEU