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Investor RelatIons

Investor RelatIons

DP Eurasia’s contribution to sustainability is driven by the Group’s efforts and interest by initiating new projects, adapting our strategy to current regulations and investing in future generations. Our aim is to strengthen and incorporate our sustainability strategy throughout all of our operations. The expectations of our stakeholders commands a greater focus on sustainability and in business this is not an option, but an obligation. Alongside our stakeholders, the expectations and interests of companies are also aligned to sustainability concerns such as climate change and employee welfare. As the business starts to adopt sustainability as a core value, we empower and grow our strategy according to business demands and trends. Yet this is not only a business requirement, but an issue of evolving global consciousness. Consequently, we are pleased to announce that 2021 has been a remarkable year for us in terms of complying with our business model from a sustainability perspective.

Our strategy and goals will be a driving success for the business and will create value for all our stakeholders. We are highly motivated to decrease our environmental impacts and will take continued action to mitigate and adapt to the possible impacts of climate change through our Eurasia operations. On that account, we are lining up our reporting with an external framework that is promoted by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”) and the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”). This part of the report displays information on DP Eurasia’s actions, assessments and related application towards aligning the recommendations of the TCFD, which is the first self-standing risk assessment in line with this framework.

By publishing this report, we aim to summarise the progress we have made by including climate change risks and opportunities into our overall business strategy. Our communications on this progress include the different geographic locations where DP Eurasia operations are conducted. Regarding the different dimensions of operations, some countries are taking the lead in building their understanding of climate risks and opportunities. We are glad to announce that we are not alone in this journey, since the Group’s efforts and interest in sustainability continues to grow with the new and existing projects and initiatives. As a consequence, this report represents an important development which will enhance and expand our sustainability understanding towards our stakeholders.

DP Eurasia has committed itself to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. This part of the report discloses our first year emissions assessments and targets according to our baseline year, which is 2021.

The methodology of defining DP Eurasia’s focus climate-related areas

For the first step of the study, both the global and local agenda, and sectoral best practice examples, were discussed in the analysis of sustainability trends and climate-related risks. Industry-specific materiality issues recommended by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”) and the World Economic Forum’s global risk projections were reviewed in depth.

In the next step of the study, climate-related risk assessments and actions were discussed in the ESG meetings, where it was highlighted by the participation of the top Board members, Chairs of related committees, department leaders and operational managers.

In the respect of primary operational action plans, climate-related risks were determined. Annual actions and prioritised targets were evaluated and, by doing so, four main climate-related focus areas were decided upon by taking four different geographical operations of DP Eurasia. As has been reported, the risk assessment was decided in regard to the operation size, dynamics and potential opportunities, and an annual target plan within the scope of environmental metrics was also established for DP Eurasia.

The four highlighted themes are being tracked by DP Eurasia’s Sustainability Committee. The committee has a leading role in connecting related activities and targets by aligning them with TCFD recommendations and managing the operation at a global level.

Our governance structure

Please see the pages 26-36 of our 2021 Annual Report for our TCFD Financial Disclosures