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Investor RelatIons

Investor RelatIons


The Group’s vision is to be an international leader in the areas in which the Group operates by utilising the best market practices and continually innovating to provide excellent services to both customers and the community.


The Group’s mission is to create value for the Group’s shareholders and respect the community in a socially responsible way.


Underpinning the Group’s ethical principles and business conduct are its core values of ambition, integrity, cohesion and team spirit.

  • Ambition: the Group is committed to improving and demonstrating an eagerness to develop to overcome new challenges in order to contribute to its growth.
  • Integrity: the Group is dedicated to choosing the path which strengthens its principles of honesty, truth, loyalty, rectitude and justice in the daily conduct of all workers.
  • Cohesion: the Group aims to guarantee that the ambitious goals it sets are achieved through the contribution of all business units. The Group’s experience facilitates the bringing together of necessary resources to overcome new challenges.
  • Team spirit: the Group operates globally in culturally diverse contexts and encourages, amongst all workers, a sense of belonging, respect for differences, loyalty and reciprocity.